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In Da Lat, Vietnam – Part 2

Welcome to the other part of my post on traveling in Da Lat, Vietnam. Click here for the first part if you didn’t see it yet. And let’s take it from there. If you’ve seen the last part, you will know that that covered many of the beautifully scenic sights – some amazing landscapes, full of waterfalls, lakes, and mountains – that are found just outside the town of Da Lat. When I say just outside, I really mean just outside. A 20min drive from my hotel is all it took to get to some of these places, although some might have taken a bit more. Either way, the distances are short, and you can cover many of these places in a day or two

That was what I did on the first day and a half I was in Da Lat…the scenic areas of the region…but here, in this post, I’ll be showing you the parts of the town of Da Lat itself, that I walked around during the latter day and a half of my vaation

Da Lat as a town is very pretty. It’s got a beautiful lake right in the center of the town, and the town itself just flows around it. Lovely. It’s very clean, very green, surrounded by hills…and it just feels…fresh. Like I said in the first part, although it appears rather near to the big city of Saigon when you look at the map, when you’re actually there, you feel worlds apart. At least, you feel it to be another country. Until you here people jabbering in Vietnamese again! But yes…it’s a lovely little town, and in between visits to the beautiful hills and falls and lakes, coming back to Da Lat town is a pleasant experience. And walking around is never a tiresome thing as it’s always cool!

Here are some pictures of the town. Around this part, don’t expect works of art in every picture I show – some of them are just snapshots

Next up, some of the famous landmarks of the town. First, the Da Lat Cathedral – or Nha Tho Con Ga, which basically translates to “the chicken church” – named such because of the rooster perched up on the top

Da Lat Cathedral

The other famous landmark is the old Da Lat train station – quite a beautiful building. It’s no longer in use, and is purely open for tourists only. And as a filming location, I’m guessing, as when I was there, a film crew was setting up to shoot. The weather contributed to my decision to try this shot in HDR

another HDR shot – this is the famous old Da Lat train station

You saw the night market in the previous post. That opens up only at night, and opens up along the streets that lead to this one, the main Da Lat market. Fruits, vegetables, flowers…and probably a lot more if you explore (I didn’t, not much)…are available here, in plenty. Quite a bustling, exciting places, with all sorts of smells, both pleasant and not. Here are a few shots that I took the morning before I left

Xuan Huong Lake is the one that I mentioned that’s right in the middle of the city. It really adds to making Da Lat city center a special place. Here’s one of my favorite shots of the lake

the beautiful Xuan Huong Lake

I’m not usually one for walking a lot, but I walked a lot around this town…discovering a lot by exploring on foot, and enjoying it quite a bit too. The cool weather makes walking far more pleasant than anywhere else in the country, I’d say

I came across this hotel, Da Lat Palace, while walking around. By accident. It’s probably a famous one, but I didn’t think of going around there until I walked past it on my epic 5km walk one morning. Very nice building, and the views from its grounds were amazing. I had to stop by, ask security to let me in for a quick walk around the grounds, and take some shots of the view. Beautiful place. It’s probably expensive to stay, but I’d love my next visit to be based around this place!

To end the post on Da Lat, known as the City of Flowers (seriously, flowers are everywhere!) I thought it’d be fitting to finish with a couple of flowery pictures. Again taken during my epic walk, flowers like this lined entire streets…quite amazing.

flowers like these extended for…miles (?!), on some parts of the sidewalk

I call this the flower street – this one seriously goes on for miles, lined in the middle with multicolored roses. Truly fantastic

Actually, I changed my mind about the end of this post…here’s one more…Da Lat airport…seriously beautiful, isn’t it? Probably the most beautiful one in Vietnam – flying into this place must be a lovely experience…I only took the flight out so I don’t know…next time!

Da Lat Airport with my flight the only one on the tarmac

And THAT is about all I have from Da Lat. I had quite a few pictures, and had quite a time choosing a selection to keep the number down so I wouldn’t bore you all. I hope you enjoyed this stuff. It truly is a magnificent place to visit. Vietnam has it’s interesting big cities, such as Hanoi and Saigon. It has it’s beaches. It has its jungles. And all that. But Da Lat is probably not a place that many foreigners would think of when they think of visiting Vietnam. And that’s a shame, because this place is one of the most beautiful in all of the country, and should be right up there with the magnificent beaches and bustling cities. I found this far more relaxing than the big cities (obviously), and being in this region for long, I am not a fan of the warm weather, therefore I found Da Lat far more relaxing than spending a week at a sunny beach too. It’s probably my favorite place in Vietnam. For now, at least!

Anyway, I’ll leave you here. Have a look at the first part of my Da Lat photos, if you haven’t yet. Leave a comment if you want to. I’d really appreciate it. You can email me for any questions regarding this post (or anything else for that matter!). And keep a look out for my next post on my darkroom series. Until next time

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By Heshan Jayakody
All content in this post my own


8 Responses to “In Da Lat, Vietnam – Part 2”

  1. Thanks for leaving a comment so I could discover your blog, your pictures are absolutely amazing!

    Posted by Sonja | June 5, 2012, 16:57
  2. very picturesque town, I enjoyed your photos

    Posted by canoe & communications | June 8, 2012, 09:09
  3. It’s nice to know that you had a good time in my country. Da Lat is considered the most beautiful place in my country but do come back sometimes, there are other nice places for you to visit ;)!

    Posted by Lê Sỹ Hoàng | June 9, 2012, 23:32
    • yeah, i had a great time in Da Lat – im actually living in vietnam now, for 2 years now, and maybe more. i visited Da Lat for the first time, last month…and i want to see more of vietnam soon.. im living in hcmc

      Posted by pixelogist | June 10, 2012, 08:37
      • Oh, that’s awesome. I’ve moved to HCM city recently. Love this place :)!

        Posted by Lê Sỹ Hoàng | June 11, 2012, 17:10


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