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Contemporary Wedding Photography in the Age of Digital Imagery

I’m proud to present a very special guest post exclusive to pixelogist.me by the renown wedding photographer, Carlo Carletti! Thanks, Carlo!

Digital Cameras and the ever increasing pace at which we consume digital media has had a significant impact on the way people relate to photography, in particular to wedding photography. Digital photography equipment has seen an unprecedented fall in pricing with an equally sharp increase in performance: today sophisticated equipment is easily within reach of many – the entry cost to become a “professional photographer” has fallen to ever low prices making it much easier to become a photographer Couples today can choose between a traditional approach to their wedding photography where the shoot is based on a structured approach we have all seen and experienced at least one in our lifetime: the lineup and wait for our turn to have a wedding photo with the bride and groom – when it’s all over the newlyweds leave for a location (typically parks or local gardens) where the have a set of private photos taken and then everybody meets at the reception hall for the party and there more “static” photos are taken as the party comes to life. Most improvised photographers will choose this approach in stead of the contemporary style where the wedding photos are dynamic, impulsive and capture moments of fun and joy, love and romance, complicity and intimacy as they unfold. The Photojournalistic approach to wedding photography is far from the formal and at times glamorous approach, rather an informal and natural narration of the wedding where pre-defined compositions and portraits are unheard of, where the ladies are never given the opportunity to put on additional makeup to look better for the photos, where there is no additional lighting to achieve desired effects and every moment is the right moment to shoot a photo. Only the eye of a talented wedding photographer will deliver a “live wedding photo album”: it comes ti life every time you look at it no matter how many years have past, a timeless work of art, the storybook of your most important day. Contemporary wedding photography is expensive. Only the most talented of professionals will offer this kind of service where no words or explanations are need to describe photos as they come to life in your mind. The hand of a seasoned wedding photographer is well worth the money and should find appropriate budget allocation (between ten and fifteen percent of wedding costs). Spending on Professional contemporary wedding photography is a timeless investment – beautiful wedding photos will speak of your special day in a special way, forever …

By Carlo Carletti

Carlo Carletti is a World Class Wedding Photographer, based in Italy. Carlo is also part of a Team of World Class Wedding Photographers for romantic weddings in Italy. An outstanding professional with hundreds of weddings in Italy and more recently abroad in the United States and the UK, Carlo is an award winning photographer – the only professional wedding photographer to have won the WPJA award twice. With more than 20 years of experience Carlo is a very well known Contemporary Wedding Photographer with a unique photojournalistic approach

Wonderful post, Carlo! Truly, it is. I love this approach – as mentioned, it’s very photojournalistic and the results show that too. It’s unique, personal, and something very special. I’m sure many couples would have been delighted to see these results, where they look natural, happy, and in the moment!

I am no wedding photography expert – in fact, this is one area where I have little to no experience – and to be honest, I am not interested in capturing weddings, as I feel the pressure of getting it right, and the rather fake, artificial feel brought to wedding photographs is something outside of what I want to do. However, Carlo puts this completely aside, and puts the natural, human side of weddings back into wedding photography, and that is something I can see myself doing. Sure, the pressure is there, and I am probably not going to start any time soon, but these results are something that I’d be very proud to have achieved. The candid photos that capture the emotion that is always present in a wedding – this is so clear in Carlo’s work – and that’s something extremely special. As a photographer, emotion is what it is all about. Whether it’s on the streets, in the studio, or whatever…capturing a feeling is what you want to do. Even in a landscape, you use whatever you have to tell a story, to make your viewer feel what you feel when you take the shot. With a wedding photograph, it sounds easier to do this, but the results can often look fake, and posed…as weddings always include this sort of moment…but by avoiding that, and capturing the raw emotion, this takes wedding photography to something different altogether. Well done, Carlo!

Thanks for reading, everybody!

All content by Carlo Carletti
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  1. very interesting post! wow. very nice pictures too, very unique and different to many things i see of other wedding

    Posted by Leandro | February 10, 2013, 15:17

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