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An Interview With Alastair Cook

The following is an interview with Alastair Cook, conducted by Michael Stewart of the Interactive Design Institute An award winning artist, Alastair Cook works with lens-based media focusing on large format film and antique photographic practice; he is also an award-winning filmmaker, combining 8mm and 16mm film with digital technology to great effect. His work is mercurial, rooted in … Continue reading »

How To Scan Your Own Film

If you’re into film photography, having a film scanner and knowing how to scan your film is important. More than important, I’d say it’s a very necessary step in your workflow. Developing your own film is a good way of doing things too, but I actually consider it more important to scan your own negatives … Continue reading »

Nikon Df: First Look

Alright, so after all the rumors flying around, and all the images being leaked over the past few weeks, the Nikon Df has finally been announced – officially. We’ve known what it looks like for a few days (or weeks) now – have a look at the images below if you’re still in the dark … Continue reading »

Sony Cyber-shot RX100 II vs. RX100: Comparison

A few months back, when doing my First Look at the Sony RX100 II, I promised a full review of the camera. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get hands-on time with it till very recently, and even when I did, I was not given a lot of freedom with it – to take my usual … Continue reading »

Fujifilm X-E2: First Look

Around a week ago, and just a few days before I released my X-E1 review, Fujifilm announced the upgrade to the hugely popular model in their mirrorless X-series lineup: the Fujifilm X-E2. At first it doesn’t appear to be significantly different in any way – not on first glance, at least – but looking through … Continue reading »

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