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At First Sight: A Short Film Shot on a Lumix GH3

At First Sight: A Short Film Shot on a Lumix GH3

Today I’ll be going a bit outside the pixelogist box of sorts, and talking about this very cool little movie project that was shared with me recently. Yes, I know, pixelogist doesn’t usually do video; but while I’m aware that I’ve never written about videography and film-making and this sort of thing before, I really find this project very interesting indeed, so thought sharing this with you guys would make a nice variation up here. Besides, like when taking pictures, I try to avoid limiting myself with rules when blogging too; so photography or videography or whatever, it’s all good!

Alright, so what’s this film project I speak of? Well, you hear a lot about the awesome video capabilities of new DSLRs and mirrorless cameras (and even some compacts!) these days, don’t you? The Canon 5D Mk iii, for example, or some of the excellent Micro Four Thirds models in the Panasonic Lumix line. Yeah. But have you ever thought about exactly how well they actually perform? If they can be used for serious, professional videography? Would a film director actually want one of these on his/her set? This, in a nutshell, what this film project sets out to discover!

A trio of very talented film-makers – David Allain, Vicky Lawton, and Charlie&Joe – together with Rankin Film Productions and HungerTV have each directed an original short film, which, in addition to showing their amazing film-making skills, really showcases the video capabilities of the Panasonic Lumix GH3 digital camera, and aims to prove that it can indeed be used by professional movie makers as a high quality tool in this area of the arts too! Interesting, isn’t it? Told you!

If you’re not fully sure of what kind of camera the Lumix GH3 is, or what Micro Four Thirds means, let me break it down quickly. A Micro Four Thirds camera is a type of digital camera system known as a Mirrorless Interchangeable-lens Camera (MILC), a type of camera that is growing rapidly in popularity due to three factors: super-compact form factor, close-to-DSLR-like image quality in most cases, and the fact that lenses are interchangeable. And yeah, it is one of these cameras, the Lumix GH3, that was used to film all three shorts in this project that I’m talking about

A bit more detail Panasonic Lumix GH3: the latest in the GH series of Lumix Micro Four Thirds cameras, released around mid-2012, the GH3 features a 16.1MP CMOS sensor in the standard Micro Four Third size/format, and works with all existing Micro Four Thirds lenses. It also features a very high-resolution electronic viewfinder, along with a fully articulated LCD that makes it very easy to shoot in various different angles

Panasonic Lumix GH3 and Kit Lens

Continuous shooting at up to 20fps, fast contrast-detect autofocus (21 AF points) and the new Venus Engine processor means it’s a fast performer overall; and with full HD video, at 1080p (up to 60fps), it has great potential for video recording too

Getting back to this film project, in this post today I want to introduce you to one of these three fantastic shorts, titled At First Sight, directed by David Allain, produced by Rankin Film Productions, and starring Hannah Arterton (younger sister of Gemma Arterton) and prominent UK-based musician and actor Ashley ‘Bashy’ Thomas. The story tells of a regular modern young couple and their rather unstable relationship, portrayed in a non-linear type of way, and highlights the intimate and important moments of their up-and-down relationship. Quite a gripping little film, really, and very well made; the videography, music, direction, and of course the acting, really brought it all together very nice indeed

At First Sight

At First Sight

The incredible fact that you probably wouldn’t realize after first watching it is that the entire thing was shot on a Lumix GH3! The quality, along with the excellent cinematography, really makes you forget that this was shot on what many of us consider a ‘compact’ camera. However, the more you think about it, the more you begin to realize that this fact, the compactness of the camera, lends a lot to the entire style and feel of this film. The camera, being so small, enabled the film-maker to get right up close with the actors, right up and into the actual scene itself, which creates a very emotional and personal feel that really connects the audience to the characters. It’s quite hard to describe, but watch the film and I’m sure you’ll get an idea of what I’m talking about

Take your time and watch this carefully – and see if you understand what I mean

Well, what did you think? Excellent, right? Yeah, if you have had any doubts over the movie quality of some of these modern still-photography cameras – DSLRs, MILCs, even some compacts – I think projects like this one should clear those doubts right up. I’ve seen stuff like TV commercials shot on DSLRs, and the quality was right up there with anything else I’ve seen, but watching a proper, professional film (even if it’s a short) and seeing the entire effect that these compact-sized cameras can bring to the visual experience, along with the superb quality, really opens your eyes to the potential that these devices have

And that’s about it, really. A very impressive set of short films, made on an equally impressive compact system camera, the Lumix GH3, and clearly showcases the video capabilities of such camera systems. The film-makers talent is naturally very evident here too! Thanks to directors David Allain, Vicky Lawton, and Charlie&Joe, as well as the production companies Rankin Film Productions and HungerTV, for this fantastic project and for showing us just how easy it is to make a quality film: all you need is a $1500 camera, and a whole lot of talent!

To learn more about this short, and to check out some cool behind-the-scenes stuff, check out David Allain’s page on the Lumix G Experience. To find out more about the other movies in this project, check out the Lumix GH3 Rankin Showcase

If you want to get social and share this project around as much as you can, you can tweet #LumixGH3 and #AtFirstSight. You can also follow @PanasonicUK

And lastly, if this film has inspired you to buy your own Lumix GH3, please use my affiliate links and get them here and here!

Thanks for reading, guys. Please leave a comment if you have any questions, or…well, if you have any comments! Until next time

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By Heshan Jayakody
All content here is my own. Images have been used with permission
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  1. Oh wow, that does look impressive indeed! I think the 5D MK III is fantastic for video too, although it’s quite a bit more expensive…but for less than 1.5K, this Lumix looks fine. Well made

    Posted by Harris | April 20, 2013, 08:25

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