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Hello. I’m Heshan. And I’m a photographer. Among other things. I started this blog mainly to share with everyone all the stuff I’ve learned over the years about photography…through experimentation, some self study, and of course, through practice. In other words, the purpose of this blog is to share my photography experiences in a way that will help you all learn the stuff I did, but in a faster, more straightforward manner. I hope that by doing so, it’ll make it easier for new photographers to learn what I did, by reading stuff that I wish I knew in the beginning, before stumbling upon it later

I’ve been shooting for quite a few years now, and while I’m by no means a professional photographer, it is more than just a hobby – and it is something I take very, very seriously! And it is something I really love to do. Because of this, I feel I am able to write about various topics related to this ‘more-than-just-a-hobby’ in a passionate way that I think would be useful to all you fine chaps reading this right now. If you’re into photography, and you find it more than just a thing you do to create keepsakes of important evens, and you’re interested in creating more than a snapshot to post on Facebook, you have something in common with me! So connect with me, via this blog, or any other way, and let’s talk photography!

About pixelogist.me
As I already mentioned, the idea of this blog is to help new photographers find their way in the beginning – to learn the basics without much hassle – and I aim to do that by bringing together as many aspects of photography as possible into one place, one blog – this one. From basic theories of photography like exposure, composition and depth of field, to more old-school topics related to 35mm film photography and darkroom work, to gear reviews and discussions, to alternative photography (think Lomography), I try to bring it all here to this one blog. I hope that makes sense. I hope that helps!

It would not be much help if all this information is all jumbled up and hard to access. I’m sure most of you know how to navigate a website, especially one as simple as this one, but to make it 100% clear to everyone, just go to the ‘Categories’ menu, found on the right menu area of the site, and choose a topic or category that you’re interested in. You can also use the search bar to look for particular topics that you might want to read. Or just check out my archives, and browse! I think it’s all pretty self-explanatory after that

Like I said earlier, I’m always open and looking to connect with new photographers. If you want to know more, or if you want more direct, personal help, you can always go ahead and contact me. If you would like some serious one-on-one help, I’m offering an online photo course that could be very useful, so check that out as well

You can also connect with me on Twitter – follow pixelogist_me, or search for #pixelogist – Google+, Facebook (subscribe only) and on my Facebook page. I look forward to hearing from all of you!

To be updated on everything going on here, you can subscribe. RSS or Email, it’s up to you. I sometimes update my email subscribers with some new stuff that will not reach you RSS folk, but either way, you will get to know when I post something new, and I think that would be nice. Subscribe already! 

Oh, and if you’d like to have me review anything – a product, your blog/website, stuff like that – as long as it is related to photography, let me know and we can work out an arrangement! I’m always looking for such opportunities, especially to work with new, up-and-coming photo brands

Note on Advertising: The only way a blog like this one can make money is via advertising. And it’s not cheap to run this sort of website! Therefore, I ask you to please think about turning off your ad blocker, if you use one, for the pixelogist.me domain. Viewing these ads (and clicking ’em!) really makes a difference, and is the only major source of revenue here. Thanks!

Alright then – thanks for reading so far, if you did! Please feel to Share or Like any post in particular that you enjoyed; it always helps to get more of my target audience into the site – although keeping them there is the challenge!

Read the pixelogist.me privacy policy and copyright information if you’re into this sort of stuff – and I’m done. Cheers!


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