Want to place an advertisement on pixelogist.me? Promote your product on the pixelogist.me homepage? Get your brandname out there, with full banner advertisements viewed by all the readers and subscribers of this blog?

Now you can! I’ve recently started selling out direct ad space on this blog, and for not a lot per month, you can place your own ad right on my home page – or any other page of your choice. Interested?

The type of advertisement is all up to you. It can be a text ad, a graphic ad, a combination of both. It can appear purely on my homepage, or it can appear site-wide on my navigational sidebar. All you need to do is tell me what you want, where you want it, create the ad – appropriately sized to fit either the homepage area or the sidebar area – and send me the prepared text/HTML content. Pay the small monthly fee and it’ll be visible on here for as long as you want it to be. Sounds easy, right? Yeah, it is!

Alright, so now you’re wondering what the pixelogist.me stats are right now and how it performs and how much of a benefit advertising here will be for your brand and for your product. Alright, fair enough – let me be honest and list ’em out for you here:

  • Average monthly pageviews: 27,000-30,000. This has been growing every single week, so when making your estimates, you should realize that this will only keep increasing!
  • Alexa Rank: 687,246 – this is what it was, last time I checked – and it has been rapidly rising or at least steady over the last many weeks
  • Google PR: 2/10
  • Anything else you want to know – ask me!

If that sounds good, you know what to do – just send me an email. I’m sure we can work something out in no time. Be honest and let me know your budget, and what you expect from the advertisement, and I can do the same. It should be a very short process to get something up here

I am also selling editorial space on pixelogist.me i.e. sponsored blog posts. You write the content for an entire blog post – including whatever you want to mention about your product, your links, the works – and it will be posted on pixelogist.me, and visible to all my readers and subscribers. Please note that the editorial space of a sponsored post will be a one-time thing, although it will always be online and available on my site, whereas an ad in the sidebar will remain directly visible for as long as you want it to be

In addition, if you want to sponsor my own blog posts, you can! At the beginning of each blog post that I write, I am leaving a space for advertisers to place their link and catchphrase. For $5-10, you can have a message at the beginning (and end) of my post – for example, “The following post is sponsored by _____” – you get the idea! If you’re looking for a low-cost, one-time ad that gains lot of impressions in a single post, this Post Sponsor thing could work for you

Requirements are simple – and it’s actually a single requirement: Regular ads and post sponsor ads can be about anything, but sponsored posts that I sell will have to be directly related to photography. Please take note of that!

As usual, email me (heshan@pixelogist.me) for details

Thanks for reading. Look forward to working with you! Cheers


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