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Monitor Calibration: Using a Spyder4Pro

Hello, everyone. Welcome to another rather important topic that I feel I must write about, one that I find often overlooked by new (and even more experienced) photographers: monitor calibration What is this morning calibration thing all about? Is it that important? Should we all calibrate our screens?Well, that’s what I’ll be discussing today. To … Continue reading »

Principles For Using Photoshop

In the days of film, few photographers, unless really keen processed their own photographs in the dark room, and even then due to the constraints of time were unlikely to do much more than develop the best and most faithful exposures that they could. There were of course those who used the dark room to … Continue reading »

The Basics of HDR Photography

Hello…yes, I’m finally back with a new post after my biggest break so far – had a great time in Dalat, Vietnam…got plenty of photos to process and share, look out for that soon – but in this post, I’m going to talk about a technique that has gained a lot of popularity recently, and … Continue reading »

What Makes a Photograph #2

Welcome to the second ‘What Makes a Photograph’ post. Today, I’ll be looking at this random night street shot I took in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam…sometime in 2010, I think. It’s not gonna be everybody’s type of picture, and some would even say it looks horrible…but I really like it, somehow…I can’t quite say … Continue reading »

Basic Photo Editing: Part 2

Taking up from where I left off in my last post, here’s the rest of the stuff you can look at in Lightroom, or in most other photo editing apps. Please note that I would rarely use ALL of these settings on every single photo, and there’s hardly a case where any photograph requires me … Continue reading »

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