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How To Scan Your Own Film

If you’re into film photography, having a film scanner and knowing how to scan your film is important. More than important, I’d say it’s a very necessary step in your workflow. Developing your own film is a good way of doing things too, but I actually consider it more important to scan your own negatives … Continue reading »

Developing C-41 Color Negative Film

Hey guys, I’m back! Sorry for the long gap between this and my last post – it’s been a while, I know – but thanks to all my fantastic guest posters, it hasn’t been too quiet up here, has it? Anyway, here I am and today I’ll be talking about the process of developing color … Continue reading »

Lomo LC-A: Review

Here we go…another vintage ‘review’ and ‘how to use’ sort of post,  this time I’ve got with me my favorite ‘toy’ camera, the classic Lomo LC-A. Unlike the new made in China Lomo LC-A+ (which is also pretty good), this one is a vintage original, made in Russia (notice the lettering – think I paid … Continue reading »

Developing Black and White Film Part 3: The Process

And welcome to the third and final part of this mini-series on developing black and white film! I started this series quite a while back, but due to some technical issues with this site I was unable to get this post on here until now, and although it’s long after the rest of the series, … Continue reading »

Yashica MAT 124G TLR: Reviewed

Seems like I’m the only crazy guy reviewing stuff that’s anywhere between 20 to 50 years old – that’s just how this blog rolls! (see what I did there?!) – but yeah, I love vintage gear. And people like myself, before hunting down for one of these old cameras, like to research on the product … Continue reading »

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