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You already know what this blog is about. Right? It’s the photography site that covers everything related to photography. Something like that. It covers stuff for the new photographer, it covers stuff for the experienced photographer (I hope!) and it has stuff that will interest every other sort of photographer there is (again, I hope!)

Of course, like most other blogs, pixelogist.me and its content is 100% free. You have no obligation to pay for anything. There’s no membership fee, no subscription fee, there’s nothing of the sort. It’s just like any other blog. Why should it be any different? However, please think of what it takes (and costs) to run a blog like this. You see, advertising is the only way a site like this one can make the money it needs to keep itself alive. There really is no other significant way of doing that. So if you use an ad blocker, I urge you to please turn it off for the pixelogist.me domain so that my ads will be more visible, and therefore have a better chance of keeping the money flowing in! I’ve gone to rather great lengths to ensure my ads are unobtrusive, and doesn’t ruin your reading experience

Having done that, if you still feel that you’d like to give back – perhaps for some post in particular that you felt were especially useful, or if you just feel like the entire site is pure genius – you could always just go ahead and leave a donation! This site is currently something I’m doing full-time, and the only way I can keep this up is with your help! So if you’d like to…

Buy Me a Beer (or three!)

…it’d be very much appreciated! If you don’t use PayPal, you can contact me to find out other ways you can donate. You could also check out my 500px store and purchase my work (prints, or digital HD downloads) so you can get something in return for your money!

I wouldn’t ask this for no reason at all, but running a blog has many costs involved, and as I’m doing this full-time at the moment, I can’t afford to keep it going without help! Unfortunate, but that’s the reality – ads and donations are all that brings the bucks

Thanks to all the kind people who already have donated – you guys are amazing! And thanks in advance to all you guys who are even considering clicking the button! It really means a lot


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