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If you’d like personal, one-on-one help on learning photography, I am now giving online correspondence courses on photography, to any subscriber of pixelogist.me! Experience the course online, through email, IM, Skype – it’s up to you, and you alone!

Like my website, my photography course can be about anything as long as it’s related to photography – the following topics can be covered, among others:

  • Basic photography theory
  • More detailed theory – a deeper look into exposure, depth of field, metering, etc.
  • Using film and manual film cameras
  • Developing film (black and white/color)
  • Scanning film
  • Buying new gear

And a lot more. And you don’t need to pick any single topic. You just tell me what you want to learn, and it’ll be all covered in the single course that you choose. Easy, isn’t it? Yeah!

Alright, so how does this work? Well, it depends on how you want to learn. I can send weekly emails, I can chat online with you, I can critique your photographs and help you improve them – you can ask me questions any time (again via email) and I’ll reply ASAP. Yes, it’ll be pretty much via email + IM but it can be done fast. And it can be done how you prefer it. All you have to do is tell me

The course itself, and the regularity of my correspondence with you will depend on the option you pick below. Go through the two options I currently offer, and let me know which one suits you better. After that, just pick a topic, and you’re good to go! Tell me how you prefer to receive the content, and how you prefer to communicate with me, and we shall take it from there

Option 1 – $50/month:

  • Weekly tutorials/textual lessons will be emailed to you containing information on whatever you wanted to learn. This will include tutorials, example photographs, graphic guides if necessary, and basically any form of information that I can send that I believe will guide you in this area
  • Weekly chat session (via Skype) to answer any questions you have on the email sent that week, and for me to explain in greater detail the information in the email – usually an hourly session but I’m free to extend if needed

Option 2 – $70/month

In addition to the weekly email and weekly chat session, if you choose this option, you can:

  • Mail me any time you wish and I will try to reply almost immediately – barring any unforeseen emergencies, of course – but in any case, you will get a personal reply to your question within a few hours
  • Extra chat sessions if necessary
  • Personal photo critiquing. Send me your pictures, and I’ll critically comment on it, which will help you improve your future shots while understanding where you went wrong with the current shot (if you did at all, that is)

And that’s it, I guess! If you think it sounds good, please go ahead and sign up! Payment will be made via Paypal, and will be paid monthly, upfront in full. I’ll send you an invoice from Paypal once you have signed up, along with your first email! The course will go on as long as you feel necessary!

If you have any other questions, or if you want to sign up directly, just email me! heshan@pixelogist.me is the address, as you may know, and just indicate what you’re interested in learning, which option you prefer, and any other details you feel might be necessary.  And don’t forget to subscribe via email first!



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