buy my images

buy my images

If you’d like to support pixelogist.me, you can donate – or you could purchase any of the images available for sale on my 500px store. Prints cost $200 – plus a shipping rate of $8-50 depending on where you’re located. It’ll be a beautiful 24×36 inch canvas, gallery wrapped around a nice 1.5 inch heavy duty frame, sealed with 100 plus year archival UV topcoat – you will also get a free HD download (1920×1080) copy of the image

If you’d rather just buy the HD download, you can. For $2.99, you get the same 1920×1080 high resolution HD image to download directly to your computer. You can use that to make a pretty good print yourself, although it wouldn’t be the awesome canvas print; or you could simply use it as a nice new desktop wallpaper for your computer! Either way, it’s all up to you – I’m just letting you know the options!

I have images ranging from beautiful landscapes to random street shots that show plenty of emotion and detail. Some portraits too. Night cityscapes. All sorts of stuff, when you think about it! Black and white? Yes. Color? Definitely! There’s quite a selection up there, so have a look, and see if anything catches your eye!

Buying my images would really support pixelogist and keep things going. Running a blog isn’t really cheap, you know! The sale of a couple of image canvases would be fantastic, and very useful – and I’m sure you’d find a nice, large canvas print on your wall very useful too!

Alright, I shall stop telling you how awesome the canvas print would be and how it’d boost the backend goings-on here at pixelogist.me! You know what to do. Check out my 500px store for any image that would suit you and your home. Or your desktop!

If there’s anything you’d like to ask…or request…or anything else, drop me a message or email me: heshan@pixelogist.me. I look forward to hearing from you all, anytime, you know that!

Thank you very much!

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