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ISO Sensitivity: What’s it all about?

You hear a lot about ISO, ISO speed, ISO sensitivity, in both film and digital photography…you see “ISO” numbers on film boxes or canisters, you see ISO controls feature very prominently on all digital cameras…but do you know what it means? What it really means? Aperture and shutter speed, the other two parts of the … Continue reading »

PASM: Using Your Camera’s Mode Dial

Another post on different camera controls (this is turning out to be a little series!), here’s a quick look at the mode dial, and more specifically the four manual modes found on the dial of most good cameras: Program Auto, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, and Manual…often labeled P, A, S and M These are the … Continue reading »

Shutter speed, Aperture, ISO: Understanding Basic Exposure

Once you’ve got your new digital camera, the topic of my previous post, you really should pick up that manual and read it cover to cover. Twice. Then read the important parts once more. Run through the index and check out any part you’re not yet too familiar with. Read ’em again. That’s what I … Continue reading »

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