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An Interview With Alastair Cook

The following is an interview with Alastair Cook, conducted by Michael Stewart of the Interactive Design Institute An award winning artist, Alastair Cook works with lens-based media focusing on large format film and antique photographic practice; he is also an award-winning filmmaker, combining 8mm and 16mm film with digital technology to great effect. His work is mercurial, rooted in … Continue reading »

At First Sight: A Short Film Shot on a Lumix GH3

Today I’ll be going a bit outside the pixelogist box of sorts, and talking about this very cool little movie project that was shared with me recently. Yes, I know, pixelogist doesn’t usually do video; but while I’m aware that I’ve never written about videography and film-making and this sort of thing before, I really find … Continue reading »

Do You Store Your Camera In A Dry Cabinet?

On buying my first DSLR, during the time I began to take photography seriously, many people urged me to immediately buy a dry cabinet to store my new camera equipment in. Some of you probably know exactly what this is and why it’s so essential; but the rest of you, like me back then, might … Continue reading »

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