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Principles For Using Photoshop

In the days of film, few photographers, unless really keen processed their own photographs in the dark room, and even then due to the constraints of time were unlikely to do much more than develop the best and most faithful exposures that they could. There were of course those who used the dark room to … Continue reading »

Basic Photo Editing: Part 2

Taking up from where I left off in my last post, here’s the rest of the stuff you can look at in Lightroom, or in most other photo editing apps. Please note that I would rarely use ALL of these settings on every single photo, and there’s hardly a case where any photograph requires me … Continue reading »

Basic Photo Editing: Part 1

Alright, in this post I’ll be trying to describe my basic workflow when I’m working digital. I think it’s a very good practice when you shoot digital to have an organized workflow, a method of doing things from the time you’ve captured the shot on your memory card, to the moment you have a finished, … Continue reading »

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