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How To Clean Your Camera Lens

No matter how careful you are with your lenses, no matter how paranoid you are about keeping the glass clean, there’s always going to come that time when you will need to get out the cleaning gear and clean your lens. It can be as simple as getting off a few specks of dust that … Continue reading »

How To Scan Your Own Film

If you’re into film photography, having a film scanner and knowing how to scan your film is important. More than important, I’d say it’s a very necessary step in your workflow. Developing your own film is a good way of doing things too, but I actually consider it more important to scan your own negatives … Continue reading »

What Makes a Photograph #9

Well, it’s been a while (again!) since my last post in this series – it’s been a while since I’ve done any sort of post at all, actually – but I’m back now, with a new “What Makes a Photograph” article, and today it’s something rather new, and unusual. For me, at least If you … Continue reading »

What Makes a Photograph #8

It’s been a while since I did one of these posts, hasn’t it? Yes it has! This What Makes a Photograph series initially started out as a weekly thing before becoming a sort of monthly feature before finally becoming something that I do whenever I feel like, and that’s what it is now. If you’ve … Continue reading »

Monitor Calibration: Using a Spyder4Pro

Hello, everyone. Welcome to another rather important topic that I feel I must write about, one that I find often overlooked by new (and even more experienced) photographers: monitor calibration What is this morning calibration thing all about? Is it that important? Should we all calibrate our screens?Well, that’s what I’ll be discussing today. To … Continue reading »

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