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Principles For Using Photoshop

In the days of film, few photographers, unless really keen processed their own photographs in the dark room, and even then due to the constraints of time were unlikely to do much more than develop the best and most faithful exposures that they could. There were of course those who used the dark room to … Continue reading »

10 Tips For Photographing Children

  Photographing children is something we all take for granted. We normally point a camera at a child, ask them to say “cheeeese”, make some funny faces at them, they smile and viola! we have a photo. The problem is, most of these images lack the quality of a professional photographer. Perhaps you get lucky … Continue reading »

Learning to Focus in Photography

There are three elements of a photograph that I consider more important than any other. I consider them such because I feel you have to nab them right at the moment you take the shot – not afterwards – if you want to end up with a good photograph. Or at least one with potential. What … Continue reading »

The Basics of Light Metering

Ever since my post on Exposure Compensation (and Exposure Value), I’ve been meaning to write this post on light metering, and how it works, to give you all a more complete view of how to get the exposure right using every tool available to you in your camera. Read the exposure compensation post together with … Continue reading »

A Little Bit About Lens Filters

I’ve been wanting to do a quick post on lens filters for a while now, and this looks like the morning I finally get down to it. I’ll try to keep it brief! Ok, first of all, what is a filter? No, it’s not like the ones on Instagram. Well, not exactly. A lens filter, … Continue reading »

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