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What Makes a Photograph #4

Whenever somebody asks me what I love to photograph most, the answer is always pretty easy…always the same. Street photography! If you can answer this question without hesitating, you’ll know what you want to shoot too. But yeah, this where my photographic passion lies. I love shooting landscapes…I like taking (natural, random) pictures of people…I love … Continue reading »

What Makes a Photograph #3

Hello. Welcome to Post #3 in my “What Makes a Photograph” series. Ok, nothing much to say before I post the picture, so here it is: This shot was taken using a technique called “panning”. I feel that if not for the effect created by panning this shot, it would’ve looked quite ordinary. The setting … Continue reading »

What Makes a Photograph #2

Welcome to the second ‘What Makes a Photograph’ post. Today, I’ll be looking at this random night street shot I took in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam…sometime in 2010, I think. It’s not gonna be everybody’s type of picture, and some would even say it looks horrible…but I really like it, somehow…I can’t quite say … Continue reading »

What Makes a Photograph #1

Alright, so I decided to lighten up (a bit) on the stuff I’ve been blogging about lately, and start this new weekly (?!) series called “What Makes a Photograph”. Ok, I admit it might not be exactly weekly…but yeah…here, and in subsequent posts in the series, what I’ll do is pick a photograph (usually one … Continue reading »

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