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Would you like to write for pixelogist.me? Would you like your name, your content, your URL linked and shared on pixelogist.me, with all its readers and subscribers? Alright!

I’d love to put up guest posts on my site – I’m always looking for good guest authors to post their work right here on pixelogist.me – so if you’d like to contribute this blog, please go ahead and let me know! Just drop me an email and give me an idea of what you have in mind; if it’s something I’d like to have on this site (I’m pretty sure it will!), we can have it up on here in no time! heshan@pixelogist.me is the one you want to use

I only have a few requirements: First of all, it should be full of content, and not a short, 300-word ‘mini-post’. It must be close to 1000 words, or more. There’s no limit, but there’s a minimum – so please make sure your post is close to this minimum before contacting me! Second, it should be a specific topic, related to photography – directly related! This should be my first requirement, yes…but I think this should’ve been already understood, so I just added it in second place here! A review that you have hands-on experience with, some tips on a specific area of photography, or something like that. Do a search on my site to make sure there’s no similar post already here, and then contact me. Lastly, it should contain some images, to drive your point across. Posts without images look flat, and dull, and to be honest, people don’t read a sea of text without any graphic or image. I don’t, at least. So make sure you have some images – your own, or appropriately licensed images – to add to your guest post

Alright, if you’re still interested – you should be, those are pretty basic requirements, right? – just email me and let’s get started: heshan@pixelogist.me

Additionally, I usually have a couple of blogs that I currently find interesting linked on my home page. If you’d like your blog (related to my sort of topic, of course) ‘featured’ on my home page, let me know…I’m all up for some promos!

Lastly..I’m also open to doing guest posts on YOUR blog. So if you’re looking for some fresh perspective or just some different content, let me know! I’ll have something up for you in no time at all! Give me an idea of what sort of content you’re looking for – as a photographer, I hope you’d ask me for something photography-based, of course – and I’ll get cracking on it as soon as possible.

Alright, that’s it. I hope to work with you soon. Thanks for reading and all the interest (if you made it all the way down here). You can subscribe to pixelogist.me via email and RSS if you want to keep in touch with everything that happens here (and get informed when your post hits the homepage!) – contact me for anything else. Cheers!


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